Pebbles and Knots

Jewelry should be a reflection of ones personality.

My why

I enjoy every aspect of what I do, including selecting the stones and beads, giving each piece careful consideration, and planning it out. The result is something exceptional and one-of-a-kind. I create unique jewelry designs that are intended to stand out. Be certain that I value quality and only use the best, reasonably priced materials, enabling me to provide you with quality at a lower cost.

 Thank You, Robyn, for Your patience in answering all of My questions and helping Me math when I got to be more than 2 items lol Your jewelry are true pieces of art and it is an honor to wear the creations of Pebbles and Knots. 💚!

Steffany Overby

Love my new necklace set!! Thank you  to who made this beautiful piece!! 

Have a beautiful day 

Star McCoy

My beautiful earrings arrived! Thank you so much! ❤️

Susan Ruch

Received the package today! My necklace and earrings were beautifully wrapped in lightly scented tissue. What a treat just to open the package! 

Susan Ruch

Robyn Metcalf

Artesian and Designer

I began wrapping wire in April of 2023. The amount of information available on the internet is amazing. I had only intended to experiment a little with it, but I ended up falling in love with it right away. I work from home during the day, and at night, my desk becomes a jewelers table. Every piece of jewelry I create is designed and planned out. It may need to be rewrapped a few times before I am satisfied with the level of work I can share with you. My ideas and designs eventually become a representation of your individuality, something you can treasure and pass down to future generations. I'm hoping you can locate the piece I created for you.

Jewelry available for purchase at following locations. (Limited selection)

Rising Sun Vineyard of McDade, TX

Chemn Cafe of Elgin, TX 

The Clever Tiger, Elgin, TX






Saturday and Sunday