Pebbles and Knots

  Unique and Twisted Jewlery     

      Handmade jewelry is special, it allows you to express yourself be different and stand out from the crowd 

My why

I love what I do—choosing stones and beads, the thought process, and the planning that goes into each piece. The outcome is something unique and original. I design original pieces of jewelry. No two pieces are the same, just like no two people. I want my jewelry to make a statement and get attention. I want you to feel special, knowing you are the only one with that original designer piece. I appreciate quality and use the best materials available at a reasonable price, which allows me to still give you quality jewelry at a value. 

 Thank You, Robyn, for Your patience in answering all of My questions and helping Me math when I got to be more than 2 items lol Your jewelry are true pieces of art and it is an honor to wear the creations of Pebbles and Knots. đź’š!

Steffany Overby

Love my new necklace set!! Thank you  to who made this beautiful piece!! 

Have a beautiful day 

Star McCoy

My beautiful earrings arrived! Thank you so much! ❤️

Susan Ruch

Received the package today! My necklace and earrings were beautifully wrapped in lightly scented tissue. What a treat just to open the package! 

Susan Ruch

Robyn Metcalf

Artesian and Designer

I started wrapping in April 2023, when we were on our annual Christmas Cruise. While sitting on the beach in the beautiful white sands of the Caribbean, I thought it would be cool to have ornaments full of sand from all our travels to decorate the tree. When we arrived back in Texas, I purchased small glass bottles and wire, and that's how it all began. From bottles, then to rocks, pebbles, and stones, I am a grandma who found her niche better late than never. I still work a full-time job from home. My daytime work desk becomes my nighttime wrap and design desk. I no longer have pretty painted nails; they have become tools of the trade. I look forward to retiring in a couple years and plan to continue to play with pebbles and travel. I envision my Jewelry being worn by young-at-heart, carefree, and spirited women who know age is just a number. I hope you find the perfect piece for your next date night, captain's night, or maybe just because Grandma looks good! Thank you for stopping by. Robyn

You can purchase items at 

Rising Sun Vineyard of McDade, TX

Chemn Cafe of Elgin, TX 

The Clever Tiger, Elgin, TX






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